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Turvac Si VIPs exemplifies a commitment to innovation in insulation technology, offering a sustainable and highly effective solution to address the growing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious Temperature-controlled packaging, Building & Construction practices and Original equipment manufacturer applications. 

Engineered for superior insulation performance, Turvac Si VIP's versatility provides the perfect solution for challenges of space-constrained construction. It also addresses the need to enhance volume capacity and temperature stability in insulated transport systems and cold storage appliances. 

Wide variety of insulation applications

Temperature Controlled Packaging:

  • Shipping Boxes
  • Pallet shippers
  • Cooling Bags

Building & Construction:

  • Facades
  • Balconies & Terraces
  • Roofs and Ceilings
  • Interior walls and floors.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM):

  • Cold Storage Appliances (Refrigerators, Freezers)
  • Technics & Industry (Cryo Chambers, Heat Pumps, Boilers)

Temperature controlled packaging

Ensuring the ultimate level of thermal stability for any precisely controlled refrigerated storage of high value, temperature-sensitive commodities.

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Building & Construction

Achieving superior insulation performance at minimum thickness, ensuring reduction of formerly inevitable thermal bridges and increase of energy-efficiency to the highest possible level.

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Original equipment manufacturer

Turvac Si VIP excel in insulating refrigerators and freezers for low and ultra-low temperatures, reducing energy consumption enormously and enables significant increase of interior space, making Turvac Si VIP a key choice for energy-efficient and space-optimized appliance solutions.

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Technical Characteristics

of Turvac Si vacuum insulation panels

Core Thermal conductivity (COP) Standard temperature range Standard size Thickness Density
material W/mK °C mm mm kg/m³
Fumed Silica < 0,0045 from -70 to +80 from 160 × 160 to 1200 × 800  10 - 50 170 – 210 

Handling and storage

The envelope, metalized foil of Turvac Si VIP must not be damaged by drilling, cutting, milling, nailing, or any similar mechanical method, as this could compromise the vacuum integrity, resulting in the loss of its superior insulation properties.

The panels must be stored in dry conditions and protected from mechanical damage and direct sunlight.

Installation should be carried out on a clean surface to prevent mechanical damage to the VIP. If these conditions are challenging to meet, it is advisable to consider an alternative solution with an additional layer of protection such as XPS (Turvac Si Add ons), PIR (Deck-VQ), etc.

Handling and storage


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