Turvac Si EcoVIP - limited edition

Effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient super-insulation solution.

What is Turvac Si EcoVIP?

Advanced insulation for space and volume limited solutions.

High-performance vacuum insulation panel designed for exceptional insulation with minimal thickness, utilizing up to 50% recycled material in the fumed silica core. EcoVIP is sustainable and cost-efficient solution for applications requiring thermal efficiency, space optimization, and durability.

Turvac SI EcoVIP advantages

EcoVIP differs from classic VIP by incorporating up to 50% recycled fumed silica core material at the heart of the Vacuum Insulation Panel. Recycled fumed silica core is integrated into a metalized multilayer foil, which is then evacuated to create a vacuum, minimizing heat transfer. The result is an extremely efficient insulation technology, with thermal conductivity λ < 0,0055 W/mK, at the center of the panel.

Originating from fumed silica, a high-performance material produced through the pyrolysis of silicon dioxide, VIP core is engineered to redefine thermal insulation across diverse applications. The unique characteristics of fumed silica, such as its high surface area and low thermal conductivity, are harnessed to create a highly efficient insulating material. The nanoscale structure of fumed silica ensures excellent insulation and contributes to the overall lightweight and compact nature of the VIP.

Turvac Si EcoVIP scheme

What is Turvac Si EcoVIP?


of Turvac Si EcoVIP


Function: To prevent deserting of gas and moisture into the panel
Materials: High barrier multilayer film



Function: To create shape and to channel heat wave
Materials: Fumed silica (up to 50% recycled material)

Why choose Turvac Si EcoVIP?

Main advantages of Turvac Si EcoVIP


Incorporated up to 50% recycled material in fumed silica core.


More than 90% of Vacuum insulation panel is recyclable.

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Turvac Si EcoVIP delivers thermal insulation that is more effective than conventional materials of equal thickness, with thermal conductivity 0,0055 W/mK.

Space-Saving Design

Minimal thickness maximizes usable surface area, offering a perfect synergy of functionality and efficiency.

Durability that lasts

Engineered for long-lasting performance, Turvac Si EcoVIP has a lifespan exceeding 25 years under proper and appropriate usage, providing sustained insulation benefits over time, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Variety of dimensions

Available in 4 standard rectangular dimensions. Thickness 30mm: 

  • 300 × 250 mm, 
  • 500 × 300 mm, 
  • 600 × 500 mm, 
  • 1000 × 600 mm.
Experienced partner

Pioneers in vacuum panel production since 2008, initially introducing fiberglass core panels for refrigerators and late, in 2010 silica-based panels for refrigerators and construction. As a proud founding member of VIPA International since August 2014, Turvac is positioned as one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers in the vacuum insulation panel industry.

Located in the heart of Europe

Slovenia's central location facilitates efficient logistics, distribution, and transportation networks, enabling businesses to reach customers across Europe and worldwide.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia

Products are entirely designed and manufactured in our facility in Slovenia, utilizing in-house R&D capabilities to enhance products and manufacturing processes continually.

Advanced Quality control system

Manufacturing process include quarantine days after each step, ensuring quality control of each VIP, 100% vacuum check of each VIP, as per customer requirements.

Add ons

Limitless options of combining variety of materials in order to upgrade final assembly or for EcoVIP protection.

Use of Turvac Si EcoVIP

Turvac Si EcoVIP can be used in wide variety of insulation applications:

Technical Characteristics

of Turvac Si EcoVIP

Core Thermal conductivity (COP) Standard temperature range Standard size Thickness Density
material W/mK °C mm mm kg/m³
Fumed Silica < 0,0055 from -70 to +80 300 × 250, 500 × 300, 600 × 500, 1000 × 600 30 170 – 230 

Handling and storage

The envelope, metalized foil of Turvac Si VIP must not be damaged by drilling, cutting, milling, nailing, or any similar mechanical method, as this could compromise the vacuum integrity, resulting in the loss of its superior insulation properties.

The panels must be stored in dry conditions and protected from mechanical damage and direct sunlight.

Installation should be carried out on a clean surface to prevent mechanical damage to the VIP. If these conditions are challenging to meet, it is advisable to consider an alternative solution with an additional layer of protection such as XPS (Turvac Si Add ons), PIR (Deck-VQ), etc.

Handling and storage


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Turvac VIPs in use

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