Redefining Thermal Insulation for Diverse Applications. 

Turvac Si products are offering Exceptional Thermal Efficiency and Space Optimization with Innovative Fumed Silica Core, Redefining Thermal Insulation for Diverse Applications. 

Vacuum Insulation Panels TURVAC® is a highly efficient thermal insulation material developed to maximize the usable surface area and provide high thermal performance considering different technical constraints.

Innovative technology of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) has led to a wide range of applications with high volume or space restrictions, temperature control and / or longer shipping time requirements, or increased energy efficiency demands. Therefore VIPs are widely used in consumer and industrial appliances, temperature controlled transportation, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace and automotive industry and in construction insulation.

What is a Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP)?

The synergy of fumed silica core at the heart of Vacuum Insulation Panel, integrated into metalized multilayer foil, evacuated to create a vacuum and minimise heat transfer, results in extremely efficient insulation technology. 8 to 10 times lower thermal conductivity than conventional materials, is ranking Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) as the most effective thermal insulation material on the market, in terms of thermal conductivity. Turvac Si VIP is achieving thermal excellence with λ < 0.0045 W/mK at the core of the panel. 

Vacuum Insulation Panels

Our Products

Turvac Si VIP

High-performance vacuum insulation panel designed for exceptional insulation at minimal thickness, making it the perfect solution for applications where thermal efficiency, space optimization and durability are crucial. 

Turvac Si VIP

Turvac Si VIP Box

Unrivalled temperature control, space-efficiency and reusability, with endless combinations, ensuring stability and safety throughout complete cold chain distribution process.

Turvac Si VIP Box

Turvac Si Add ons

Offering limitless possibilities with seamless combinations of versatile materials from ABS to XPS, to meet diverse market needs. 

Turvac Si Add ons

Fumed Silica Core

The Fumed Silica Core, at the heart of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP), represents a pinnacle in advanced insulation technology and it is available as stand alone product for customers without know-how or capacities to produce Fumed Silica Core. 

Fumed Silica Core

Turvac Si EcoVIP

High-performance vacuum insulation panel designed for exceptional insulation with minimal thickness, utilizing up to 50% recycled material  in the fumed silica core.

Turvac Si EcoVIP


of Turvac Si VIP

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Turvac Si VIP delivers thermal insulation that is approximately 8x more effective than conventional materials of equal thickness.  For example, approximately 3 cm of VIP insulation equals approximately 24 cm of expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

Space-Saving Design

Minimal thickness maximizes usable surface area, offering a perfect synergy of functionality and efficiency.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia

Products are entirely designed and manufactured in our facility in Slovenia, utilising in-house R&D capabilities to enhance products and manufacturing processes continually.

Endless solutions

Limitless options of combining variety of materials in order to upgrade final assembly or VIP protection.

Unlock the Power of Vacuum Insulation with Turvac.

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Recticel Deck-VQ

Recticel Deck-VQ

Ultra-high performance encapsulated VIP insulation for flat roofs and terraces.  With a thermal performance of the core of lambda 0.006 - the best performance in the market, you can achieve even greater insulation for your renovation or new build projects with ease. Deck-VQ® offers an extremely high insulation value and long-term performance whilst maintaining the existing roof structure, thereby avoiding costly modification.

TURVAC® Vacuum insulation panels have has been used in a wide variety of insulation applications that require excellent thermal performance, optimum energy efficiency, or minimum insulation thickness.

  • 1,6 mio VIP's Yearly Capacity
  • 30+ Countries Where Turvac is delivering
  • 65+ Satisfied business partners. 
  • 700.000+ VIP Boxes Produced during Covid-19 period
  • 9.850 m²Facility Area

Turvac VIPs in use

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