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Continuous innovation

Turvac's journey is marked by continuous innovation, a dedication to quality, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of vacuum insulation. When you choose Turvac, you are partnering with a proven leader in VIP manufacturing. 

The story began with the manufacturing and development of vacuum insulation panels as one of programs of company Turna, responding to the market's need for high-performance insulation solutions. In 2008, fiberglass core panels were introduced for refrigerators, followed by silica-based panels, suitable for refrigeration and construction industry in 2010. Turna became one of ten proud founding members of VIPA International, global voice of the VIP industry, promoting quality and raising awareness about it's potential, in August 2014 and obtained the National certificate for construction in 2015.  

Turvac emerged as a spin-off from the vacuum insulation panel production program of the parent company Turna in 2016, backed with new production hall and with significant technological upgrade.

Mission & Vision


To become a leading global supplier of innovative, high-performance insulation solutions that actively contribute to environmentally friendly approach with profound energy-efficiency.


Through the use of vacuum technology, we strive to enhance the quality of life, promote health, and preserve nature.

In 2017, Belgium-based company Recticel, specialists in insulation industry, became part of Turvac ownership structure, eventually becoming the majority owner in 2018. By entering into a joint venture agreement, Turvac has been extending its footprint in high-performance building insulation markets and the refrigeration industry.

During challenging period of Covid-19, Turvac Si VIP gained a new perspective in form of high-performance insulation product Turvac Si VIP Box - an insulated shipping box with exceptional performance, ensuring temperature-sensitive goods maintain a constant temperature throughout the cold chain distribution process. Meanwhile Turvac Si VIP stand-alone became perfect solution for insulating Pallet shippers, providing exceptional insulation performance at minimal thickness.

In the year 2024, we expanded our facilities from an area of 1.850 m² to 9.850 m². This expansion included the enlargement of the production facility, expansion and upgrade of warehouse and the establishment of a Vacuum Insulation Competence Center, equipped with sophisticated laboratory equipment and highly skilled R&D experts driving innovation and excellence. By introducing an additional automatic production line, our capacities will be effectively doubled, enabling us to accommodate 1,6 million VIPs annually and meet the growing demands of our dynamic industries This strategic expansion positions us for enhanced productivity, innovation, and continued excellence in the field of vacuum insulation technology.

Turvac Si VIP is designed for exceptional insulation at minimal thickness, making it the ideal solution for applications where thermal efficiency, space optimization, and durability are crucial.

Exemplifying our commitment to innovation in insulation technology, Turvac Si VIP offers a sustainable and highly effective solution to meet the growing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally conscious practices in Temperature-controlled packaging, Building & Construction, and Original Equipment Manufacturer applications.


History timeline of our company

Turna d.o.o. Turna introduced first VIP with a fiberglass core for the refrigerator industry and incorporated Turvac as one of Turna's programs.
Silica Core VIP Production of silica-based vacuum panels for refrigeration and construction industry.
VIPA International VIPA International was founded by ten pioneering members, including Turna, with Turvac VIP's.
National certificate for construction National certificate for construction was obtained, validating the company's commitment to quality and compliance in the construction sector. 
Introduced Turvac Introduced Turvac as a spin-off program under Turna, backed by a new production facility, including a substantial technological upgrade in production processes
Recticel Group In 2016, Belgium-based company Recticel, specialists in insulation industry, became part of Turvac ownership structure. By entering into a joint venture agreement, Turvac has been extending its footprint in high-performance building insulation markets and the refrigeration industry.
Temperature controlled packaging Originally designed for the transportation of Covid-19 vaccines, VIP Boxes achieved a weekly capacity ranging from 16.000 to 19.000, leading to the production of over 700.000 Turvac Si VIP Boxes during the pandemic period.
Facility Expansion Embarked on a substantial expansion initiative, increasing facilities from 1.850 m² to an expansive 9.850 m². This expansion encompasses the production facility site, warehouse, establishment of the VIP Competence Center and introduction of second automatic production line, effectively doubling our capacities to meet the growing demands of our dynamic industries.  
Best in class The Vacuum Insulation Competence Center is furnished with sophisticated laboratory equipment and staffed by highly skilled R&D experts committed to driving innovation and excellence, focusing on developing advanced solutions and improvements tailored to the specific requirements of each industry. 

Company values

Guided by our company values, we shape our culture and journey towards our vision.


  • Living and breathing quality Quality is our way of thinking, working and living.
  • Feeling the responsibility Each individual with their actions contributes to the success of our company and our partners.
  • Care for employees We encourage the development of the potential of all our co-workers.
  • Socially responsible operation With environmentally-friendly operation, we are giving back to the nature. By respecting diversity, we contribute towards the development of society.
  • Creating a future With creativity and innovation, we are expanding the limits of the present into the solutions of the future.

Quality policy

We are aware of the importance of the quality of our products, with which, together with our customers and business partners, we create innovative solutions for improving the quality of life and reducing negative impacts on the environment. Our quality policy is subsequently set around this same consideration:

  • Ensuring product quality, timely and quantity-compliant deliveries without errors.
  • Raising awareness among colleagues about the importance of quality and the importance of our products for the long-term maintenance and development of comfort, health and living, as well as a positive impact on the environment.
  • Customer regulations and guidelines, ISO 9001 and statutory authorities.
  • Ensure, check and evaluate the success of our processes, review and assess all potential risks, detect and analyse opportunities and, where appropriate, take action with the aim of continuous improvement of us, our processes and our products.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Embracing a commitment to sustainability and responsibility, our Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) stand as a testament to eco-friendly innovation. By significantly reducing energy consumption in various applications and increases energy-efficiency in construction industry, our VIP technology not only contributes to a more sustainable future but also aligns with our responsibility to minimize environmental impact. The efficient thermal insulation provided by VIPs not only enhances energy efficiency but also supports responsible practices, making them a conscientious choice for environmentally conscious industries and consumers.

As Turvac is part of Recticel Group, we are following their strong orientation. As an insulation company, we are driven by societal needs. Knowing that sustainability adds value and drives success, we innovate to support healthy, energy-efficient lifestyles, reduce carbon emissions and use resources with the maximum care.

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  • 1,6 mio VIP's Yearly Capacity
  • 30+ Countries Where Turvac is delivering
  • 65+ Satisfied business partners. 
  • 700.000+ VIP Boxes Produced during Covid-19 period
  • 9.850 m²Facility Area

Member of global association VIPA

since 1989


The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International) is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of Vacuum Insulation Panels(VIPs), as well as the supply chain.

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Global presence of Turvac

Turvac operates on a global scale.

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