Temperature controlled packaging

Ensuring the ultimate level of thermal stability for any precisely controlled refrigerated storage of high value, temperature-sensitive commodities. 

Perfect solution for specialists in high performing packaging.

Turvac Si VIP or Turvac Si VIP box is perfect solution for specialists in high performing packaging and transport solutions for temperature-sensitive products, protecting every step of their cold chain distribution. 

Turvac Si VIP have been proven to be ideal for many different purposes. They are designed for high level insulation performance in all areas of refrigeration and in energy efficient buildings.

During challenging period of Covid-19, Turvac Si VIP got completely new perspective, as high-performance insulation product, Turvac Si VIP Box - insulated shipping box. It's extremely effective performance ensures that temperature-sensitive goods maintain constant temperature throughout complete cold chain distribution process.

And Turvac Si VIP stand-alone became perfect solution for insulation of Pallet shippers, thanks to exceptional insulation performance, at minimal thickness. 

Perfect solution for specialists in high performing packaging.

Use of Turvac Si VIP and Turvac Si VIP Box

in Temperature controlled packaging 

Turvac Si is suitable solution for the most demanding industries where Low and Ultra-Low temperatures are required in distribution process, as Medical, Pharmacy, Bio Technological & Clinical research, for products as vaccines, medicines, medical trial products, biological specimens, transplant materials, etc., and as well for Food industry for perishable food items: 

  • Shipping Boxes: Turvac Si VIPs are employed in the construction of shipping boxes to provide highly efficient thermal insulation. This ensures that temperature-sensitive goods, such as pharmaceuticals or food items, remain within the required temperature range during transportation.
  • Parcel Shippers: Turvac Si VIPs contribute to the design of parcel shippers, enhancing their insulation capabilities. This is crucial for the safe and secure delivery of temperature-sensitive products.
  • Pallet shippers: Turvac Si VIPs are integrated into the construction of pallet shippers, extending their insulation benefits to larger shipments. This is particularly essential for maintaining the integrity of temperature-sensitive cargo during bulk transportation.
  • Cooling Bags: Turvac Si VIPs play a key role in the insulation of cooling bags, helping to maintain the desired temperature for items like medical supplies or perishable goods.

Turvac Si VIP

High-performance vacuum insulation panel designed for exceptional insulation at minimal thickness, making it the perfect solution for applications where thermal efficiency, space optimisation and durability are crucial. 

Turvac Si VIP

Turvac Si VIP Box

Unrivalled temperature control, space-efficiency and reusability, with endless combinations, ensuring stability and safety throughout complete cold chain distribution process.

Turvac Si VIP Box

Why choose 

Turvac Si VIP Box or Turvac Si VIP

to upgrade your Temperature controlled packaging?

Exceptional Thermal Efficiency

Turvac Si VIP delivers thermal insulation that is approximately 8x more effective than conventional materials of equal thickness.  For example, approximately 3 cm of VIP insulation equals approximately 24 cm of expanded Polystyrene (EPS).  With a revolutionary assembly method on automated assembly line, with precise tensile strength, our boxes overperformed conventionally assembled alternatives. Suitable for Low and Ultra-Low temperature stability.

Temperature control

Applications utilizing VIP as insulation, provides uninterrupted temperature reliability at constant temperature for cold-sensitive products, without any external power supply. 

Space-Saving Design

Minimal thickness maximizes usable surface area, offering a perfect synergy of functionality and efficiency. Internal payload volume can be increased up to 7 times, using Turvac Si VIP Boxes, comparing to conventional insulation materials.

Durability that lasts

Durable and reusable shipping boxes, upgraded with mechanical protection of Lid with Fiberglass (FG) Reinforced Mesh Tape and optionally inner protection with polycarbonate insert to provide an extra layer of protection.

Variety of dimensions

Turvac Si VIP are available in a variety of standard rectangular dimensions:

  • Minimal size: 160 × 160 mm
  • Maximal size: 1200 × 800 mm
  • Thickness: 10 - 50mm
  • Custom made shapes and dimensions.
Variety of dimensions and shapes of Turvac Si VIP Boxes

Fully adaptable dimensions and shapes, seamlessly integrating with outer boxes of varied materials — Polypropylene, Cardboard, Foam (EPP, EPS, EPE), cooling bags and more.

  • Cube
  • Cuboid
  • Trapezoidal
  • Custom made
Experienced partner

Pioneers in vacuum panel production since 2008, initially introducing fiberglass core panels for refrigerators and late, in 2010 silica-based panels for refrigerators and construction. As a proud founding member of VIPA International since August 2014, Turvac is positioned as one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers in the vacuum insulation panel industry.

Endless solutions

Turvacs commitment to innovation extends to custom solutions, surpassing dimensional and shape diversity. Our expertise allows us to fully adapt VIP box dimensions to outer box, design unique lids, integrating various of solutions, as hook and loop tape, incorporating inner pockets for PCM mats or any other cooling solutions, adding additional mechanical protections. Count on Turvac for precision and adaptability, delivering insulation solutions that meet the most demanding customer needs.

Located in the heart of Europe

Slovenia's central location facilitates efficient logistics, distribution, and transportation networks, enabling businesses to reach customers across Europe and worldwide.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia

Products are entirely designed and manufactured in our facility in Slovenia, utilizing in-house R&D capabilities to enhance products and manufacturing processes continually.

Advanced Quality control system

Manufacturing process includes quarantine days after each step, ensuring quality control of each VIP, 100% vacuum check of each VIP, as per customer requirements.


More than 90% of Vacuum insulation panels is recyclable.

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