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Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Support.

Designed and manufactured in Slovenia.

All Turvac Si Products are entirely designed and manufactured in our facility in Slovenia, utilizing in-house R&D capabilities to enhance products and manufacturing processes continually.

With our partnership, beyond delivering high-quality products, you gain the professional support of our dedicated team, providing swift and transparent communication, tailor-made integrated solutions for you, and a commitment to continuous improvement at every stage of our partnership.  

Whether you are an experienced VIP user or at the initial stages of adopting VIP technology into your industry, you will receive comprehensive support from Turvac team, on every step of business collaboration.

Cutting-edge insulation solutions

With our cutting-edge insulation solutions, your applications will ascend to new heights. Collaboratively, we will develop the optimal solution to enhance energy efficiency and maximize the utilization of VIP in your application.

Our R&D and Quality team employs diverse methodologies to ensure quality and drive ongoing improvements, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

Lab equipment

Our laboratory is the forefront of research, development, and testing in the field of advanced insulation technologies. With a primary focus on Vacuum Insulation Panel and its applications , the laboratory is equipped to conduct comprehensive evaluations, assessments, and experiments to enhance the understanding and application of VIPs in various industries. 

  • VIP Performance Testing
  • Integration Studies
  • Innovation and Development
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Ageing Tests
  • Reaction to Fire Test
  • Mechanical Tests

Our state-of-the-art laboratory with its technicians is committed to driving innovation, ensuring quality, and advancing the sustainable use of VIPs across diverse applications, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious technologies.  

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We are your strategic ally for product enhancement and cost savings.

Through comprehensive material characterization, performance testing, and process optimization, we empower your business to select optimized materials, improve thermal efficiency, streamline manufacturing, and innovate for long-term sustainability. Our collaborative approach ensures compliance, reduces long-term costs, and positions your products at the forefront of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious technologies. 

Consulting Timeline

from concept to support

Concept preparation and feasibility study Gathering all information and requirements from customer. 
Custom solution proposal Custom solution proposal, including cost structure evaluation and technical clarifications.  
Manufacturing of samples or prototypes Production of samples to customer attention, for evaluation and testing. 
Laboratory tests and report analysis Internal testing to support our products performance with reports. 
Final Proposal and Agreement Presenting the final proposal based on feedback and adjustments. Agreeing on terms, pricing, and implementation details. 
Final qualification and Serial Deliveries Final confirmation and qualification and start of serial production and deliveries  
High-level after sales support Professional support of our dedicated team, providing swift and transparent communication and commitment to continuous improvement at every stage of our partnership. 

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Case Studies

Turvac Si VIP Case Studies

Effective Use of Vacuum Insulation Panels in New Constructions and Renovations
Case Study
Effective Use of Vacuum Insulation Panels in New Constructions and Renovations
In renovations and reconstructions, challenges arise regarding the thickness of thermal insulation, which can affect space efficiency and the financial outcome of the project...
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