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Published: Jul 01, 2016

Turna's Spin-off Success: Introducing Turvac

Story of success began with the manufacturing and development of Vacuum insulation panels as one of programs of company Turna, responding to the market's need for high-performance insulation solutions.

First fiberglass-based VIP's were introduced for refrigerators in 2008, followed by silica-based panels, suitable for refrigeration and construction industry in 2010. Turna became one of ten proud founding members of VIPA International, global voice of the VIP industry, promoting quality and raising awareness about it's potential.

In 2016, the immense potential of product led to the spin-off of the entire VIP program from Turna, resulting in the establishment of Turvac d.o.o. This new venture was supported by a new production hall covering 1.850 m² and with significant technological upgrades.