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Published: Nov 10, 2022

Turvac's Showcase: Vacuum Insulation Panels on the Set of Show "Ugriznimo Znanost" on RTV Slovenia

Among suggestions for improving the quality of living in homes with an emphasis on high-quality insulation, Vacuum Insulation Panels were introduced as well. In a video report, the founder of Turvac, Vladimir Pogač, introduced Turvac's super-insulating solution, Vacuum insulation panel.

The product distinguishes itself from traditional insulations by its exceptional thinness, yet with extremely high efficiency, making it an excellent solution not only in construction & building, but also in temperature-controlled packaging and cooling equipment.

For detailed insight into Vacuum Insulation Panels refer to the following link on official RTV Slovenija website: Vakuumski izolacijski paneli.

And the entire show can be viewed at the following link: Oddaja "Ugriznimo Znanost".

Building Inspection with Thermocamera identifying areas of heat loss or air leakage in buildings, after VIP installation (left) in a wall and (right) around blind box installation.